About Us

TRAFILSPEC ITS is specialized in the production of special steel.

Our technical know-how and high quality standards on both bars and coils, allow us to count our Company among the most important European Producers in the field of special steel cold processing.

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Trafilspec-ITS is strongly specialized in the field of cold processing of special steels able to satisfy each customer's individual requirement, thanks to the versatility of the equipments used and to the flexibility of its organization.

Our modern and qualified equipments allow us to obtain high- quality and high-precision products both in bars (drawn and ground) and in coils (drawn) with round, square, hexagonal, flat and special profiles according to customers' specific drawing.

Further, first in Europe, we have installed the new furnace STC with horizontal chamber for globular annealing. This equipment assures high quality level in term of structure and guarantees the total absence of decarburization thanks to the capacity of controlling constantly the percentage of carbon inside the atmosphere and of assuring the same temperature in every zone of the furnace.

The full control of the working process, the versatility of the equipments and the flexibility of our organization allow us to answer and satisfy any customer's specification. That's the major asset of our production.

Trafilspec-ITS is equipped with the most modern equipments existing in commerce for non-destructive testing on both bars (drawn/ground) and drawn wires in coils.

According to the Company's strategies focused on quality improvements, we have integrated in our Group TRAFILTEST, an independent Company with the aim to control and guarantee the final quality of our products, thanks to a wide range of equipments.

Our quality system is accredited by RINA, in compliance with: ISO 9001:2008 - ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004.

The standard steel grades of our production are: bearing steel, tool steel, high speed steel, stainless steel, casehardening steel and cold working tool steel.