Heat Treatment

The heat treatment changes the properties of the metallic materials in order to make following working operations easier. The phases of the heat treatment are: pre-heating, heating, maintenance and cooling. The parameters of the mentioned phases may change according to the heat treatment to be effected.

The heat-treatments effected by Trafilspec-ITS on its products are the following:

  1. globular annealing (GKZ / +AC): allows to get the cementite spheroidizing in order to reach minimum values of hardness and highest cold deformation.
  2. isothermal annealing (BG / +FP): mainly proper for cementation’s steels, allows to reach excellent machinability properties and a better micro-structure homogenising.
  3. stress relieving treatment (G / +A): allows to avoid tensions that may appear inside the wire after drawing operation.
  4. quenching and tempering (V / +QT): this is a quenching and tempering treatment, effected directly on raw material to give the material special mechanical properties of tensile strength and tenacity.